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Are you preparing for a move? Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions. 

Get an Estimate

The first step in moving is to know where you are moving too and when you need to move. Once those questions are answered it is time to find an affordable mover in Columbus, OH


Plan Your Move

Once you hire Miller and Sons Moving we will coordinate with you to arrange the timing and process of your move.


Schedule Your Move

Once a move is scheduled, our techs will work with you every process of the way. We strive to make the process as simple as possible.

How far in advance do I need to book my move?

Most people wait until the last minute to book their move and wind up with a limited selection of dates and no availability. The best time to schedule is as early as possible but 2 weeks is usually sufficient.

Miller and Sons Moving offers flexible scheduling so you can choose the day that works best for you. We also have a wide range of services to choose from so you can get everything you need to be done in one place.

Are you licensed and insured? Are your movers background checked?

All our movers and members are fully licensed and insured. Sometimes we work with other local moving companies to provide excellent customer service. All of our moving partners are also licensed and insured.

Do you pack my stuff or do i have too?

Would you like us to pack your things for the move? We can help with that! All supplies are included in our full service, so there’s no need to worry about what else might come along. You just schedule it when booking dates are set and we’ll be ready.

What is your delivery range?

We cover the entire state of Ohio. Call us today for service.

Do you have moving pads, wrapping supplies, dollies and straps for the job?

Yes. Our trucks come equipped with all necessary dollies and equipment to handle your move successfully, including a team of experienced movers who will professionally do everything from loading up the truck bed or taking apart furniture items for transport in order to make it as easy on you! All our goods travel wrapped so they arrive safely at their destination without getting damaged during transportation–and since each customer gets personal attention when hiring us (we don’t just send out generic contractors), there’s no need to worry about anything going wrong either way.

Can you tell me exactly how much my move will cost me?

We don’t want to give you an exact quote because every situation is different. The info that we receive helps us provide a range for pricing and get close estimates on the job, which will be more accurate than any one specific number can ever hope to Be! We offer Not-To -Exceed Prices across all jobs so there are no surprises when it comes time to finalize things up with our customer.

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