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We offer local piano delivery and moving services at an affordable price. Our professional service will ensure that your piano is delivered safely and securely. If you are moving and need your piano moved, call us today! We look forward to serving you.

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Miller and Sons piano movers who know their stuff.
Pianos are heavy, delicate instruments that require special care when moved from one place to another – but our trained team has you covered! We’ll take good care of your precious piano so it arrives safely in its new location with no damage sustained whatsoever.

Moving Your Piano

We’re the most trusted piano movers in town! We have an extensive list of satisfied customers and will always provide you with a quote without any hidden charges. Our trained crew members are ready to assist, so your precious instrument is guaranteed safe during transport; just give us some information about where it needs to be moved—we’ll take care of the move from there on out
We’re proud that all our moves come backed by full insurance coverage as well as 24/7 customer support until delivery day arrives

Preparing for a Commercial Move

We at Miller and Sons Piano Movers pride ourselves on being the preferred piano moving service throughout Ohio. We can move any type of instrument, but are often employed as upright piano movers or grand piano movers depending upon your needs! Below is a quick checklist before reaching out for an estimate.


Know the type of piano being moved. ( have pictures available)


Have the from and to locations available


Let us know your timeframe. This helps us schedule the right amount of staff. 


Please let us know if there are things you think we should know. For example, the condition and locations of the instrument in the home.

Piano Moving Services

We can move any type of piano. We are the premier moving company in Columbus. We can move anything from your piano to your entire household.

Grand Pianos

Finding out how much it will cost to move your piano can be difficult. Let Miller and Sons help you! Fill in the form below, and we’ll give a good estimate for moving your grand piano. 

upright Pianos

Wondering what upright piano movers charge for their services? We’ve created this form so that it’s as easy and convenient to get a free estimate of the costs involved with professional moving companies. Fill out our form below.

Licensed & INsured

The safety of your piano is our main concern. All our movers are licensed and insured to move your piano. Safety is our number one concern when it comes to moving anything heavy.  you can trust your piano is in good hands and covered when choosing Miller and Sons.

Locating a piano mover

Picking the wrong piano moving service can be disastrous. Make sure you ask about their insurance coverage before making any decisions! In most instances, more than enough is provided; however, if your needs are greater then speak with an agent or private carrier that specializes in this type of work.

Moving a piano can be difficult and risky if not done properly. You could end up with a damaged instrument or worse – an expensive repair bill.

Miller and Sons Moving is your solution for a safe, stress-free move. Our experienced movers use standard practices to protect your piano during transport. We also have climate-controlled storage facilities to keep your piano in optimal condition while in transit or between moves. You can’t just pick up a piano and move it without appropriate equipment. Be certain that you provide specific directions concerning delivery/pickup points so the movers know what they need to bring along on their journey!

Grand Piano

Ensuring the safety of your piano

Packing a piano is an art form. It’s important not only for the look of your instrument but also its sound-producing capabilities, which can be damaged by scratches or other kinds if damage during transport . Protecting these delicate parts with pads and blankets will ensure that you achieve optimal performance when unloading them at their destination!

You should also be sure that prior to starting the move from pick up toward delivery point-the pathway between them is clear of any obstacles which might hinder your moving process. This holds true not only at destination but also during transport; so it’s crucial for both clarity and safety purposes when selecting a new home! Another critical thing on this list? Measuring how big an area you’ll need in order to accommodate all aspects of placing your piano in an area.

Grand Piano

Types of pianos we move

The story of how pianos evolved into their modern shapes is an interesting one. What began as a simple, wooden instrument has grown to be so much more than what it started out being! As the premier piano movers in Columbus, OH we’ve taken care of just about every shape there’s been – from grand upright pianos for homes and churches to delicate baby grands.

Vertical Pianos

The vertical piano is a type of instrument that has its strings positioned vertically. These pianos can come in different heights, ranging from 36″ – 60.” There are 4 types of vertical pianos.

  • Console – height typically falls in between 40” and 43” and the width of around 58”.
  • Spinet – smallest type of pianos with a height of 36” – 38”
  • Studio – as the name suggests, are trendy in musical studios and musical schools. 45″-54″ high
  • Upright -tallest vertical pianos with a height usually in the range of 50” – 60

Horizontal Pianos

We have the pleasure to help you with your piano movers. There are typically four types of horizontal pianos that our company handles.


  • Baby Grand- include the most popular and broadly cherished pianos with a size that ranges from 4’11” to 5’7” in width.
  • Petite Grand- smallest of such pianos and range in size from 4’5” to 4’10”.
  • Ballroom- aka semi-concert pianos,  usually are 7’ long.
  • Parlor Grand: known as living room grand pianos and will come in sizes from 5’9” to 6’1”
  • Concert Grand- the largest of all types of grand pianos with a length of about 9’.

How It Works

To get a free estimate on piano moving just contact us today or fill out an online form to book an appointment.

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Plan Your Move

Make sure to plan ahead when getting your piano moved. It may be necessary to store your piano for safety during the moving process.


Schedule Your Move

Once all the details are ironed out, all that is left is for you to sit back and let the pros handle everything.

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They were efficient, friendly and hard-working. We only had furniture moved so there wasn’t any damage done to anything! Extremely recommend them

John and his team are the best! They were very friendly, professional toward me (as I’m not very good with stressful tasks), efficient at getting all our stuff moved in no time…I will most definitely recommend them to anyone who needs help moving house or office furniture around.

The day that I booked with Miller and Sons they were the only company who called me back. Not only did they offer a cheaper price than everyone else but also went out to make sure everything would be fine for my big move!

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